Contemplative Care Retreat

The 11th annual Contemplative Care Retreat explores how we can wholeheartedly turn greed, resentment and delusion into generosity, compassion and wisdom in relationship. Bodhisattvas are awakened beings who live by vow, root it deeply and widen out.

What might living by vow mean for each of us in our lives and in our caring partnerships? How might it apply to both giving and receiving?

Through meditation, dharma talks, personal meetings with Teachers, and experiential learning exercises, we will consider ways of caring for each other while cultivating our unique expressions of compassion, courage, and joy.

This retreat is open to anyone who wishes to dive deeply into relationship and use the ingredients to transform how we function in the world.

20 Continuing Education Credits (CEs) are available for this retreat. There is a $25 certificate fee for CEs.

This retreat includes periods of silence between dinner through breakfast.

Financial support is available. Please apply for support by applying to be a Hemera Foundation Contemplative Fellow. All prices include tuition, room and board. Please note that prices do not include dana for the teachers.


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