Communication and Skillful Engagement: Exploring a Contemplative Approach to Caregiving

with Sensei Robert Chodo Campbell and Barbara Doshin Ende

September 22nd and 29th; October 13th and 27th, 2017 from 10:00am-4:00pm

Program Fee: $695

During this compelling four-part workshop you will engage in contemplative practices to enhance clinical skill and create effective and innovative holistic care plans. You will learn to:

• Cultivate a fully present awareness of your patient and their environment to better understand their care and unspoken needs.

• Through active listening and meditation practice, foster a more intimate connection with your patient and learn to consider their hopes and values in relation to their illness and end-of-life process.

• Conduct effective grief support and life reviews for your patient and their loved ones.

• Discover how to identify and work with your projections and assumptions as a care provider, so you can be more fully present to your patient’s needs in the moment.

• Practice meditation for self-care and be able to offer guided meditation to your patient when appropriate.

• Communicate the principles of meditation and contemplative practice to clinically-oriented colleagues so they can better understand and support your efforts.

Using case studies, video, group discussion, and creative writing, students will engage in experiential exercises that apply Zen concepts such as “not-knowing,” “bearing witness,” “compassionate action,” and “the nature and end of suffering,” into clinical and caregiving environments.

Join us for a practical integration of clinical skill with a contemplative approach to care, rooted in the ancient but still highly relevant practices of Zen Buddhism.

This course is ideal for social workers, nurses, physicians, hospice workers, and all those who care for others.