Hemera Foundation Contemplative Fellowship Program

Through the generosity of the Hemera Foundation Contemplative Fellow Program those wishing to attend NYZCCC’s 2018 retreats are able to apply for financial support. Grants are available for Healthcare Professionals, Educators, and Artists interested in deepening their meditation practice through an extended, guided retreat experience.

NYZCCC retreats provide an opportunity for both beginning and advanced meditation practitioners to strengthen and ground their contemplative practice within a supportive community. Fellowship funds are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage anyone who meets the eligibility criteria listed below to apply as soon as possible.


2018 Eligible Retreats:

Funding Criteria:

·100% support is available for those who have never attended a retreat longer than a weekend.

·50% support and need-based funding is available for returning retreat participants.

·Individuals are eligible for one fellowship-supported retreat per year.

·Funding covers the cost of tuition and mid-range room lodging (typically, this means a double-room at most retreat centers).

·Individuals must pay the difference to upgrade to a higher-level room.  Transportation costs are not included.

Please see below for applicant eligibility and program guidelines.

To apply or to request more information, please contact Katherine Gray at Katherine@zencare.org or (212) 677-1087 and request an application form.



Hemera’s Contemplative Fellowships for Health Care Professionals (CFHP) provide financial support for full-time health care professionals to attend meditation retreats at many different centers throughout the United States. Meditation retreats provide a supportive training environment in which individuals can cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and personal well-being—qualities which can extend into their professional lives and improve workplace culture.

Fellow Eligibility:

To be eligible for CFHP support, applicants must be employed full-time in a health care field working primarily with patients/clients or overseeing other healthcare professionals, or be enrolled full-time in a medical school or training program.



Hemera’s Contemplative Fellowships for Educators (CFE) program supports an educator’s growth through contemplative practice in a retreat setting, allowing individuals the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, compassion, personal well-being, and professional efficacy, and, in turn, embody and apply these qualities to promote positive school cultures.

Fellow Eligibility:

Anyone employed full-time in a pre-K-12 school or school district setting, or is a full-time student pursuing a M.Ed., is eligible for a CFE.  In 2018, we are also offering fellowships to professionals working as early childcare providers (ages 0-3), i.e., licensed day care professionals, etc.



The Tending Space Fellowship Program for Artists was developed with the view that art has the capacity to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness.  The aim of the program is to nurture the creative practice of seeing things as they are, to cultivate awareness, and to live and create from this insight. To accomplish this, we provide financial support for artists to experience the immersive, contemplative environment of a meditation retreat.

Fellow Eligibility:

Tending Space Fellowships are available for full-time artists with a sincere desire for the experiences of extended meditation practice to inform and influence their creative expression in the world.

Qualified applicants will be full-time artists – visual, performing artists, writers, and multi-disciplinary artists — whose professions directly relate to their artmaking practice.  
This can include include—but is not limited to—those who teach their artistic discipline, whether privately or with an organization, or in any type of school, as well as many others.