“Appreciate your life.”
–Taizan Maezumi Roshi

Often we are asked, “How do I start a practice?” and “How can I deepen my practice?”

If you would like to become more intimate with Zen practice at NYZCCC,  here are some possible steps.
Remember, we value beginners mind most, so the beginning is what we return to, each moment.


Come to one of our evening or afternoon sits. Click here for a full schedule.
Begin a meditation practice at home.
Join our Catch Your Mind training program, a ten month class designed to support the development of a sustainable daily practice.
They begin in September of every year.


Meet with a teacher to discuss and explore your zazen practice.
Sit regularly at home.
Come once a week to one of our sits; sitting with sangha can be very supportive in establishing a consistent practice.
Become a volunteer at the Center.
Come to a Half Day Sit on Saturday, for a longer practice experience.
Learn the Zen forms as a way of serving the community.
Consider joining a four day or week long residential retreat.
Explore how to integrate your practice into all aspects of your daily life.


Commit to a consistent meditation practice at home.
Sit tangaryo.
Enroll in our Precepts Study class. This class starts yearly, in September.
Consider receiving Jukai.