Transforming care through contemplative practice and
meeting illness, aging, and death with wisdom and compassion.

How can ZenCare Help You?

If you are facing loss, isolation, or a challenging life transition, our trained contemplative caregivers can provide support, comfort, and compassion. Our grief and bereavement support is held on site at New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care in New York City.

A Contemplative Approach to Care

NYZCCC offers relationship-centered support, using the caregiver’s training and practice as the primary source of loving action. Contemplative caregivers seek to understand causes of suffering and to explore and nurture sources of strength such as resilience and compassion.

The ZenCare Team

Each member of our team has completed extensive training at NYZCCC averaging 600 educational and clinical hours. Many hold advanced degrees in related fields such as Social Work, Nursing, Psychology, Gerontology, and Pastoral Care and Counseling.

ZenCare Services

Based on need, ZenCare team members consider what will best serve individuals or their loved ones including:

• Resilience, grief, and spiritual support
• Meditation and prayer
• Companionship through transitions
• Bedside vigil
• Spiritual rituals, funeral, memorial, and burial planning

ZenCare is a fee-based service with a sliding scale proviso available as needed.

Each visit is up to an hour and a half in duration.


If you would like to engage a member of our ZenCare team, call
Katherine Gray, Manager of ZenCare at 646.968.9766

You may also email us at