“How do you hold back? What’s your hesitation? Now that we’ve all bumped into the dharma, what next?”

In this recent talk, Sensei Koshin reads the 25th case from the Blue Cliff Record: The Hermit Of Lotus Flower Peak Holds Up His Staff. He brings the story to life by examining how we show gratitude to those who nourish us, how we hold our fears and anxieties close enough to see them fully, and finally, how we hold back.

ZenTalk Notes:

Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, MFA, LMSW, DMIN, is an author, Zen teacher, Jungian psychotherapist, and Certified Chaplaincy Educator. Koshin co-founded the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care.

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Music: Heart Sutra by Kanho Yakushiji –  Buddhist priest and a musician of the Rinzai sect and Imaji temple in Imabari, Japan. In 2003, he formed “KISSAQUO”, a songwriting duo based in Kyoto.

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