Craig Davis is a graduate of NYZCCC’s Foundations in Contemplative Care Program, which he found “life changing”. He has been practicing meditation in Dzogchen and Zen traditions for over 25 years and is the Co Director of a Foundation whose mission is to encourage Western Buddhist Sangha’s to focus on end of life care for their aging practitioner demographic. Another passionate interest of Craig’s is in establishing homes in rural areas where people living alone, without the benefit of residential hospice, can be nurtured in their actively dying process. These homes would be primarily off the Medicare grid staffed by nurses and volunteers who have been trained in contemplative caring practices. With his wife Sandy, Craig owns an employee benefit consulting firm (RetirementGuard) in Lakeville Connecticut. The organization works primarily with Ivy League schools and teaching hospitals. He looks forward, “in some small part” to helping NYZCCC in their next stage of growth and outreach.