Cristian Zanartu, M.D. is a palliative medicine specialist at Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care—treats patients at all stages of their disease, providing continuous support and care to help relieve their physical and emotional symptoms, while guiding them and their loved ones as they face complex choices and decisions.

Dr. Zanartu, a native of Santiago, Chile, earned his undergraduate degree and medical degree with honors from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.  He completed his internal medicine residency (including rotations at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, where he was named Outstanding Senior Resident.  He also completed a palliative medicine fellowship at New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center and a clerkship in palliative medicine and psychosocial oncology at Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Zanartu has also worked as a general practitioner in the palliative care unit at the Sotero del Rio Hospital in Santiago, Chile, where patients with advanced cancer received palliative treatment in the inpatient and outpatient settings and during home visits.  He also worked as a volunteer teacher for eight years at the Penanolen Community, one of the most impoverished in Santiago.

He is first author and co-author of articles on palliative medicine and infectious diseases published in peer-reviewed journals including the American Journal of Hospital and Palliative Care and has presented research at national medical meetings in Chile.

Dr. Zanartu is also an attending physician with the Palliative Care Program of Montefiore Medical Center’s Department of Family and Social Medicine.