David serves as the Zen Center’s Director of Studies, overseeing the development of our educational and training programs and ensuring that they are delivered to the highest standards. As a longtime student and teacher deeply practiced in a Vajrayana Buddhist lineage (Dharmasagara) and an experienced organizational leader, he brings his commitment and expertise in transmitting the dharma with warmth, precision, and integrity to our team. He has been leading residential retreats and online programs, guiding communities of practice, and mentoring individuals around the world since 2006. In the same year, he also developed a meditation program for Battelle Memorial Institute, a large, non-profit research institute where he worked as a principal research scientist. In his seven year tenure as Battelle’s meditation instructor, he designed and led in-person and online multi-week courses, one-day workshops, and seminars for beginning and advanced meditators and provided one-on-one meditation instruction, mentoring, and executive coaching. He has served on multiple Buddhist non-profit boards, and most recently served as Executive Director for the Dharma Ocean Foundation from 2013 to 2020. During this time he led all aspects of the organization’s operations, programming, and fundraising, overseeing the growth of their residential retreat center in Crestone, CO, and the strategic development of their online programming.