Rabbi Hanniel Levenson was born in Haifa, Israel and his formative years were shaped on the middle east side of Manhattan, NYC. An expert in the train system, Hanniel was schooled in New York’s finest education facilities receiving a B.A. in Religion & Art from New York University, a Master of Science in Environmental Policy from Bard College, and Rabbinical Ordination from The Academy for Jewish Religion in Yonkers. Whilst educating his mind, Hanniel was a competitive gymnast for 15 years and is now a yoga teacher and personal trainer. Founder of The God Shop and Seven Heart Center, both mythical entities coming into existence through the kabbalistic four worlds model; Hanniel asks all free seekers and spiritual warriors to join him on the body-mind-soul train. A journey in practices of playfulness, liberation, and cosmic wonder. Drawing upon the wisdom masters of the world’s traditions and cultivating the ritual architect potential in all. Hanniel is the Associate Rabbi and Director of Education at The Jewish Center of the Hamptons