Michael Goodwin is the founder and managing partner of a privately held securities trading firm in New York City. He grew up in the Midwest where he developed a deep appreciation for nature and the benefits of community. He attended Western Michigan University and became a Certified Public Accountant while at Arthur Andersen in Chicago, Illinois. His career path shifted to the trading floors in Chicago, which eventually brought him to New York. While there he ran trading desks for Morgan Stanley, and also Deutsche Bank, focused primarily on derivatives. In 2001 Michael founded Bluefin, which now has over 100 employees and has offices on three continents and is headquartered in New York. He has long been interested in Eastern philosophy and ancient wisdom and healing modalities. Michael enjoys studying Buddhist philosophy and practices several kinds of meditation, with Vipassana as the cornerstone. He has served on the board of the Mount Kisco Child Care Center and has advised numerous local charitable organizations with a focus on achieving sustainable operations. He lives in New York with his youngest of four children.