Will Kunert is completing his Masters of Divinity at the University of Chicago Divinity School, focusing on Buddhism and chaplaincy. Will started his academic career in astrophysics, measuring gravitational waves from distant black holes. As he neared the completion of his physics degree, he switched directions to focus more on human relationships and worldly issues. Will enrolled in divinity school to pursue a career in hospice chaplaincy. Will has worked as a chaplain at Cook County Jail and Jackson Park hospital on the south side of Chicago, and he has completed a unit of CPE at Rush University Medical Hospital. In his final year at the University of Chicago Will is writing a thesis on the movement toward outcome-oriented chaplaincy, and the modern ‘obsession’ with quantitative measurement in relation to chaplaincy. Will’s life is structured around his love and devotion to Buddhism. He has lived as at Upaya Zen Center, as well as Buddhist monasteries in Vietnam and Thailand. Will aspires toward a career in hospital chaplaincy, seeing it as a mid-way point between monasticism and lay life, and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the benefits and limits of quantitative measurements of chaplaincy.