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As a Contemplative Educator Candidate, Acala Xiaoxi Wang trains as a Certified Chaplaincy Educator, works collaboratively with the Guiding Teachers & Director of Studies in supporting and enhancing the education and practice offerings of the Zen Center. She also works with the Director of Contemplative Care in facilitating spiritual support and other offerings of clinical contemplative care. Acala has a Master of Divinity in Buddhist Chaplaincy and a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration, both from University of the West. She completed her Clinical Pastoral Education Residency with Stanford Health Care, and also served as an interfaith chaplain there prior to joining the Zen Center. Acala’s educational leadership experience also includes serving as a Chaplaincy Educator for the Chinese Association for Life Care, a Buddhist Chaplain for Calipatria State Prison, and a Dharma Teacher for BOCA Dharma Seal Temple. Acala’s contemplative experiences include being a meditation practitioner since middle school age, a resident at several Buddhist monasteries, and a facilitator in staff support mindfulness sessions at Stanford Heath Care. Acala grew up in Mainland China and lived in California for 14 years. She enjoys organizing and joining cultural celebrative events, walking along the Pacific coast, and meditating in the giant sequoia and redwood forests.