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Grief comes in many forms and for different reasons— and yet, it is one of the most common of shared human experiences.

When someone receives a life-shattering medical diagnosis, feelings of despair can be overwhelming. The loss of a loved one can leave one in a state of great anguish.


Yet unlike many other shared experiences, like births or marriages for example, our culture doesn’t provide many places that help support those facing loss or terminal illness. Frequently even our loved ones may expect our grief to be resolved in a short time after the initial shock of loss or diagnosis. Those who grieve know this is not the case.


Although grief can cause great suffering, it can also provide a powerful opportunity for transformation; by deepening the connection to loved ones and our own life, we can expand our understanding of ourselves and life.


The New York Zen Center has a unique approach in working with grief. Using contemplative techniques and the power of connection, we support those in pain on their journey.


We create a safe, nurturing environment for individuals to work through and accept the difficult, and seemingly unmanageable, emotions grief and loss can create: anger, guilt and despair.


We care and support individuals as they work towards understanding and accepting the pain that tragedy has created, while simultaneously moving towards, releasing and transforming their suffering into wisdom.

To serve those facing loss or
unwelcome change, we offer:

Coping with the loss of someone or something we love is one of life’s biggest challenges. The grieving process can present a wide range of difficult and unexpected emotions including, shock, anger, disbelief, guilt and profound sadness.

Sharing your experience with others who are also grieving can be of tremendous support.

Using various tools such as writing, sharing stories, poetry and ritual, our online support groups provide an opportunity to gain perspective and begin the healing process.

Participants are asked to commit to the full eight-week online bereavement group.  New groups are offered multiple times per year.  Please visit our calendar for the next available offering.


If you need financial assistance at this time please contact: info@zencare.org

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