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What is Cor?

COR: Contemplative Orientation to Resilience is an evidence-based healthcare intervention that introduces contemplative practice as the foundation for resilience in the workplace. This intervention fosters greater resilience among healthcare colleagues to create impact in the overall culture of care.

We have provided COR at the following healthcare institutions:

  • Metropolitan Jewish Health Services
  • Atlantic Health System
  • The Educational Alliance
  • The Bristal Senior Living Communities


Cohorts of colleagues in diverse healthcare institutions. For example, cohorts may include care providers at community-based older adult program or a palliative care team within a larger institution.

COR is offered:


  • Online or in-person
  • As a ten to twelve-week series of modules
  • As single modules in the form of stand-alone trainings.


Through didactics, exercises, and group work, participants build a repertoire of skills that foster a work environment conducive to mutual support and reciprocal care.


Participants are encouraged to voice challenges, identify feelings, and lift individual and group strengths – exploring how deep listening and collaboration can create more resilient teams of colleagues.

The COR curriculum is grounded in the Four Noble Truths – a Buddhist understanding of the nature of suffering- that guides people to create understanding out of suffering, and with this understanding change and transform their actions.


The module series emphasizes the assets of community, agency, and meaning as sources of strength amidst workplace struggles. In each module, contemplative practice is centered as an ongoing foundation of resilience and support.

Yes, absolutely. The curriculum nurtures the continuation or initiation of a daily contemplative practice – inclusive of different religious, spiritual, and secular orientations – such as meditation, centering prayer, and exercise.


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