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Remain open to everything the world holds

Our center is a place where anyone can enter and let the experience of Zen practice touch their lives. We want people to learn at their own pace, and let their own natural curiosity guide them.

meditation practice
Practice under the guidance of a caring, dedicated teacher
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zen training path
In these uncertain times, find comfort and support
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Take a journey of courage and revelation
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commit to sit 90 day practice periods
Join a supportive community, and begin or deepen your practice
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Zen is a tool to investigate your life

Zen practice is really about being intimate in your life and about how to bring that intimacy and realness into your life, into your every day relationships, to your work, to every aspect of her life. Zen is very pragmatic. It’s being with the breath. It’s sitting still. But the work doesn’t only happen at the center, you’re always taking your practice with you.


A Community Transforming Care

Guiding Teachers, Sensei Chodo Robert Campbell GC-C and Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, oversee the extensive education and clinical training of the ZenCare team. Those who have received training at NYZC and are active members of our community hold advanced degrees in related fields such as Social Work, Nursing, Psychology, and Pastoral Care and Counseling.

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