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Professional Chaplaincy Training (CPE)

We are the first and only Zen Buddhist-based organization, fully accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education, to offer professional chaplaincy training—Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Our New York City ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education Training Program is open to those who have completed our Foundations in Contemplative Care Training Program. Our CPE Training Program is a professional level training and is designed both for those interested in becoming professional chaplains, and those interested in deepening their spiritual practice.

All ARE Welcome, Real World Training

Our Clinical Pastoral Education Program is a multi-faith professional education, from a contemplative perspective in providing contemplative care as a chaplain or lay person. Our training brings students into supervised encounters with hospital patients at pivotal moments in their lives. Coming from a reflective, intimate involvement with people in both crisis and celebration, and with feedback from peers and teachers, students can develop a new awareness of themselves and of the needs of those they care for. In the Center’s CPE program, we emphasize the training of being with others, as differentiated from doing or helping another. From deep contemplative practice and reflection, students begin to acquire a new understanding of care, or more accurately, care partnership . Within the interdisciplinary team process of helping professions, students develop skills in intrapersonal, interpersonal, and interprofessional relationships.


The Contemplative Advisory Committee oversees our Chaplaincy Training. The Committee consists of interdisciplinary professionals who meet at regular intervals to consult and advise us on the development of our Chaplaincy Training Program. The Committee helps ensure that the CPE Training Program is well integrated within our organization and provides feedback for quality assurance.

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