Master of Arts in Pastoral Care & Counseling: Buddhist Track

New York Theological Seminary (NYTS) is a Christian institution of graduate theological education that is committed to educating people for ministry in the urban context.  NYTS and its degree programs are accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS).

The New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care (Zen Center) offers a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Buddhist chaplaincy training program that is fully accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE).  The Zen Center serves the growing needs of Buddhists, and followers of other religious traditions, for accredited training in chaplaincy.

To meet the needs of chaplaincy training candidates in the Zen Center, who are seeking to earn an accredited graduate degree for professional purposes, NYTS and the Zen Center collaborate to offer a Buddhist track in the NYTS Masters of Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling (MAPCC) degree program.

The MAPCC is a 48-credit graduate degree designed to be completed in two years and to prepare candidates for specialized ministry.  It should be noted that the MAPCC degree does not meet the full educational requirement of 72 graduate credits that has been established by the Association for Professional Chaplains (APC) for board certified chaplains.

Candidates in the Buddhist track who complete the MAPCC at NYTS will be expected to complete four units of CPE through the Zen Center (worth 16 graduate credits) plus 8 additional credits of graduate coursework at NYTS or through the Zen Center’s Certificate program to meet the 72-credit equivalency requirement of APC.

Candidates in the Buddhist track of the MAPCC at NYTS must successfully complete 24 credits of study in Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist history, and Buddhist philosophy or world religions, in order to meet the established requirements for biblical, historical, and theological studies in the MAPCC degree. Candidates should begin by taking the year-long Foundations in Contemplative Care in their first full year in the program.

Students in the Buddhist track must also attend four retreats offered through the Zen Center, in place of the four NYTS Masters degree program retreats that are required as part of the MAPCC.  All students identified as being in the Buddhist track will be assigned an academic advisor from the Zen Center.


The Curriculum



Learning Competencies

The MAPCC Buddhist track seeks to prepare men and women for ministry who are:

  • • Informed scripturally and knowledgeable concerning the historical development of Buddhist thought and tradition as well as other religious traditions
  • • Equipped for diverse and inclusive partnerships in religious communities, the city, and the world
  • • Centered in a spiritual tradition which is dynamic in its formation and open to continuing revelation
  • • Aware of their own ongoing personal spiritual and psychological development
  • • Knowledgeable about the complexity of the human being and the contribution that context makes in terms of the formation and development of the person and groups of people
  • • Skillful at translating their gained knowledge into praxis in expressions of ministry, and into leadership within their religious community

Admissions and Registration

Candidates for the Buddhist track of the MAPCC degree must both apply with NYZCCC and also follow the regular NYTS application and admissions process and be accepted into the degree program.  Candidates should identify themselves at the time of their initial application as being candidates for the Buddhist track, doing so through the Zen Center.  An academic advisor who is an Affiliated faculty member at NYTS from the Zen Center will be assigned to them.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $350 per credit. Retreat registration fees range from $490-$640, based on your housing preference.

Auditing is $550.